Infant Medical Intervention

Infant Medical Intervention

Formerly known as the "Baby Rescue" program, nothing more closely aligns with our mission, Saving Lives. Nearly half (49.8%) of all Guatemalan children under age 5 are malnourished and in need of medical intervention. HOL's medical team stays connected to healthcare providers in high-risk communities where malnutrition all too often claims the lives of the vulnerable. 

With this gift, you and your family will be supporting medical intervention in an extreme malnutrition case: our village rescue team will intervene to bring a child in need to our campus hospital for treatment. No matter the complications, Hope of Life will ensure that children in our program are treated with dignity and given the highest level of medical care available, until they are healthy enough to return home. 


By purchasing this product, your support will truly Save Lives that would otherwise have been lost ...  and what's better than that?!


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